Sensory Overload

I’ve been seriously overwhelmed as of late. In a good way? Absolutely. Do I want more? Heck yes.

My mental filing system for ideas, questions and crazy thoughts needs an upgrade. It’s like when you need to complete a huge task, like spring cleaning for your house, and you have no idea where to start………so you…….wait…….for inspiration……

Well I’ve had plenty of inspiration as of late.

I spoke with Doug, Executive Creative Director at ID Branding (fantastically motivating)

I accompanied Jennifer and Megan from Livengood & Nowack to a client photoshoot (hectic but fun)

I attended the Oregon Brewers Fest (yummy and lowd)

I made dinner with Kim and Christine (yummy but not so lowd)

I drank beer at a random dowtown brewery with Luke and Bryan (cheerful, literally)

I visited the farmers market and ate the best raspberries of my life (eye opening)

I attended a cool party at The New Group and was introduced to their interactive world (super exciting)

And did other stuff too, both fun and mundane

Things are good.


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