Good Times

This past week has been a whirlwind, it’s hard to believe it has already passed!

Yesterday I had a great time working with my group over at Henry V (which is a pretty cool place to call your office, by the way). It was great having an extended period of time to work on one project, we got a ton of brainstorming in. Everyone’s roles really started to come out too, so it was interesting to observe our interaction and the dynamics of the group. I was able to start playing my part as account manager and did my best to organize the group and work flow, with the help (thank god) of Kim. It’s definitely not as simple as it sounds! More challenges came up with our project that are going to be interesting to find solutions for. Mmmmmmm……strategy…….

I had an awesome time today hanging out at the Mississippi Street Fair, checking out the scene and SameUnderneath store/booth. Kim and I interviewed the manager at the store and Grant gave us valuable insight into the store and its customers. I also walked away with some sweet discounted clothes too…. I loved the atmosphere of Mississippi Ave, it reminds me of a neighborhood back at home called the Tower District, really vibrant and artsy. I can see myself going there a lot to just walk around if nothing else.

I also went to Normandale Park this morning to take my dogs out and met a few cool people and saw a bit of the Hollywood neighborhood. I’m slowly getting a random tour of all things Portland and have been liking the diversity of what’s out there. I’m still screwed up in my directions though for some unfathomable reason.

At Fish Marketing I’ve keeping busy with small projects, for the time being. I did some reasearch on competition for a client marketing plan earlier this week, and I saw it come through in the pitch on Thursday (which made me feel useful). It was cool to see the difference between an in-person and over the phone client pitch. I’m looking forward to the time that I can do some pitching of my own.

Tomorrow I want to explore Broadway here on the East side, go furniture hunting, get my oil changed, maybe see a movie and eat some tasty food. It looks to be a great Sunday!


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