Day 1 & 2

Ok, so I survived the longest drive of my life (14.5 hours) from my dear old home to Portland. Most of my boxes are unpacked and thrown out, stuff put away, but I still am without a couch (which totally sucks when you’re a lounger like I am). My two dogs made it as well and are greatly enjoying the tiniest balcony ever that overlooks a not so busy street.

Yesterday I met my fellow interns for the Colaboratory program, which has been put together by the Portland Ad Fed. I found out that I will be interning at Fish Marketing, Livengood & Nowack and The New Group. Needless to say, excitement ensued as I started to develop my plan to take over the advertising world.

We were also introduced to our client, Ryan, who is the founder/owner of SameUnderneath, which is pretty much the coolest company you could create a campaign for. In life you occassionally come across real characters, people that are truly unique and comfortable with themselves. Ryan is that guy who knows and is known by everyone. He has a great perspective, one that I can identify a lot with (which is saying something seeing as he only gave an hour long presentation).

After the orientation the Colaboratory folks took us out to the nicest bowling alley I’ve ever seen. Swanky would be an understatement. I had a great time getting to know everyone over a couple drinks and really tasty bar food. They really found the way straight to my heart and totally sold me on Portland.

Today I had my first experience as an advertising intern at Fish Marketing in Lake Oswego. I got to meet everyone in the office, work on a research project for an upcoming pitch and eat the offices pretzels and goldfish. Tomorrow I’ll get to sit in on a pitch for regional car dealerships. I’m really looking forward to seeing how it works out and am stoked that it turns out I can wear jeans (take that corporate America)!


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